Born from the awareness that all communities need safe spaces, self-published authors struggle to find space in mainstream bookshops, local creatives have few opportunities to display their work, and pre-loved books gather dust in corners, Leena wants to offer a home for these treasures. Second-hand books in pristine condition are donated to families and communities (several have already found new homes over Christmas), with those worn-out tomes re-purposed into beautiful art.

The shop will also provide a community hub and safe space for community / individual use, providing facilities for advice, counselling, education, with several local charities already expressing a need for this type of space. Employment and volunteering opportunities will also be provided, and a social board available signposting advice and support for all sections of the community.

With a café on site, people will be able to sit and rest in comfort, with a freely accessible reading shelf to while away the stress of the day. Somewhere where all are welcome, with affordable refreshments or simply a safe quiet corner if that is what is desired.

The next strand of the project will see the premises play host to various spoken word events in support of charities and events for the annual Worcestershire LitFest & Fringe Festival, which currently has no permanent home.

Already running via the website is a scheme supporting UK troops on deployment, believed to be the first of its kind specifically in the UK for UK troops – for the cost of a cup of tea (or coffee!), which is passed directly on to UK troops on deployment, our serving personnel are shown that people back home care. A small token, but one which really does boost morale for those serving away from home and ready to step in at a moment’s notice to help our emergency services.

Leena has a track record of successful projects, with her acclaimed Commandery Museum exhibition in 2022 resulting in a book which is being released later this Spring, and a play “Out of the Darkness” offered free to schools in 2021 which attracted support from Hollywood Vampires to use their music.

The project can be supported through a crowdfunding page :


For more information on the project Leena can be contacted via email scripthavenltd@gmail.com


Words are the whispers of your soul,
let your dreams fly free.

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